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Jar of Grease

[Item Image] 1/2 oz Jar
Surface lubrication Pressure activated
Brownpolymer Grease

This was created for metal spinning. It has other uses where lubrication is needed that require oil or grease
This product can be used as an anti fouling on boats and ships.

Characteristics of the Grease:
Repels water. It has a wetting action.
Resists solvents, Such as GAS, ACETONE, MINERAL SPIRITS, and TULENE. Will not remove the
Sticks to one surface will not transfer.
Does not sling when centrifugal force is applied.
Resists algae, zoo plankton and zebra mussels they won't adhere to a surface that the grease is
applied to
Will Melts when heat is applied showing no sign of burning still has its lubricating ability.
Does not change character when chilled.
Applied to rifling resist fouling of lead and copper, stop corrosion.
Stops mud from sticking it creates a surface that mud can't stick to Great for bikes and Race cars
When applied to polished parts stops corrosion has clear finish and repels dirt
The film left from rubbing the polymer is a Protean lipid Membrane


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